For your safety and the preservation of the Minikins’ habitat, please adhere to these guidelines:

  1. Remain on designated paths. The swamp can disorient even experienced hikers.
  2. Maintain a respectful quiet. Sounds carry far in the stillness of the swamp.
  3. Do not attempt to feed or interact with any wildlife, especially Minikins.
  4. If you witness unusual activity, do not approach. Observe from a distance, if at all.
  5. In the event of a close encounter, remain calm and back away slowly.
  6. Photography is discouraged in certain areas of the swamp. Follow posted signs.
  7. Removing anything from the swamp, particularly Minikins, is strictly prohibited.

If you encounter an injured or lost Minikin, do not attempt to help it yourself. Immediately report the sighting to the Minikin Conservation Group at the visitor center. They are trained to handle such situations safely and effectively.

Remember, the Minikins are integral to this swamp’s delicate balance. Their nature may seem strange to us, but we must respect their presence.

Minikins Rescue and Conservation
Minikins Rescue and Conservation