img 3654 scaled Evil Motel Sign evil motel sign

Lucifer’s Playground – evil motel sign

Lucifer’s Playground the swanky swarthy motor inn nobody will believe you wanted to stay at and what kind of person you are to actually stay here.  Grab a sign and hang in whatever spot you need some wall art in.

evil motel sign

evil motel sign

Vintage evil motel sign look. Metal sign with vinyl graphics. Handmade by the web master and resident artist guy.  Using rescued blank signs these are what could be considered environmentally better then something else.  Made in Headtap studios surrounded by haunted relics these signs are  all made by hand and this means they will be more rare than the Chinese signs or ones made by prison labor that you see all along the road.  I wish I could pay someone 65cents an hour to make stuff for me because they are in prison, but that won’t happen.  So I am doing these myself and hope someone can buy one so one day I can afford a beach house.



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