QvKyBb3LzY7gFPBxE8FFse The Grand Illusion or just flys on a window pane

Its all data! Everything at its core is data.

Light leaving the earth is simple data. Bits of information moving away into space into the darkness. Where is it going?

Our theory is that all this info is and will be written on the surface of black holes. Over lapping bits of info bits of reality layered like sediments of the earth. At some points these layers are thinner or overlap over new realities and times. These points in the illusion can be pulled and pushed and manipulated with powerful energy. The construct is not natural, black holes are being observed and collected like hard drives. The information is funneled into data streams back to the programmers.

Are We Even Alive?

Are we alive or just bits of data being spun and replayed. 2 dimensional bits living out the illusion that we are 2 dimensional caused by the characteristics of a circling black hole. The bible says the earth was flat, perhaps it is correct. We are as flat as 1 bit of info and our brains or consciousness perceives the world in a 3D way.

We don’t have answers

We can only try to manipulate the realities around us and try to find the coding errors in reality. Why we experience psychic phenomenon, We feel, or transcend layers where they touch in just the right way.

Is the Universe a Simulation? Scientists Debate


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